aint no mountain high, aint no vally low


so in honour of harrison and i’s one year anniversary coming up and because i missed my  beloved bloggers i decided to write a post.

so our one year is coming up next tuesday on march the fourth, im pretty excited but its a surprise so i have no idea what we’re doing and absolutely NO clue what to wear, ah a never ending issue. We just celebrated valentines day obviously which was super fun! i wrote him a letter for every day of february leading up to vday and put a nice drawing on the front of each, and i bought him lifesavers because he loves them, and i drew him nautical prints that would fit in his phone case and show on the back. he got me flowers and made me a really nice dinner, he cooked i cleaned and it was a jammin team effort which i love. i know some people arent really into valentines day and i get it yes guys and girls should both treat their significant others well all the time, but the fact is harrison does that for me and by no means, i dont think at least, do i take him for granted and vice versa. however it feels nice to go the extra step one day a year, yes hes brought me spontaneous flowers but it also feels nice to get them on valentines day anyways, flowers always make me feel nice and its a fun excuse for us to make homemadey and heartfelt things and remind each other even though we do everyday just how much we really love each other. ANYWAYS one year is coming up and it does not feel like it has been that long at all, feels like just yesterday we celebrated our 6 months in Halifax, regardless i still love him as much as i did when we first met now and its a wonderful feeling, and even if i wont marry him or hes not the one or whatever, or if he by some crazy chance is, i am incredibly lucky for having the chance to be with him and he is way more that i can ask for. you may think im crazy and so what if i dont “know” what love is, this feels pretty loving to me and regardless of the word used to describe it it is a wonderful feeling and i am very blessed.

we also just recently started a new semester at school and im taking almost all grade 12 courses except for english. i have a really amazing history teacher and i am really enjoying learning about the renaissance and all kinds of different historical people. i also have a very free thinking english teacher which is lovely and she makes me excited and willing to write, which i usually feel anyways, but i can already feel her helping me build as a writer. in terms of other classes theyre meh but its school what are ya going to do. i have also been trying not to procrastinate and its going semi well. i have put in a solid effort on all assignments i have handed in so far and havent put them off too too much and so far have gotten some of the results i was looking for. I also feel like this semester is going by slow fast, when i look we’re just over three weeks in and that kind of sucks, not to mention we have had like three snowdays so that probably helps me feel faster but its also almost march break and then the semester is practically half over so im wishy washy.

WINTER WINTER WINTER. so the other day i got back out on ski’s for the first time in two-three years and it was amazing, i had forgotten how much fun it is and harrison mom selena amber and i went on family day and it was beautiful. amber and selena are international students from china and it was ambers first time skiing, and selena had only been once or twice, so we got to teach them how to ski which was pretty fun. i have also been keeping up with the winter olympics because well basically who hasnt? canada did not do as well as in 2010, however we were on home ice then, and obviously this year we were still phenomenal. we came in third for medal count and we had an amazing womens hockey final, dominated the mens final, did great in bobsledding, curling, and many other things. i love watching how much pride canadians show in our country throughout the olympics and i love seeing people be successful after putting so much time money and passion into something the love. NOT TO MENTION how precious and adorable and amazing olympic commercials are, lets be honest proctor and gamble proud support of moms makes me a tear up a little every time.

recent song loves:

make you feel my love- Glee cover

bruises- train ft ashley munroe

hello my old heart- oh hellosanything city and colour

end of an era- the strumbellas

Diane- the strumbellas

flume- bon iver

ride on- the strumbellas

mostly old songs that have just resurfaced in my life or i just stumbled upon on eight tracks or harrison showed me

p.s i am trying to learn the guitar, and it makes your fingers hurt like a bitch in case you were unaware but hopefully i can stick with it and learn some sweet stuff!:)

thats pretty much all thats new and exciting soooooo

much love, and DFTBA

what did you check off your bucket list?

1. carve something into a tree together

2. be kissed under mistletoe

3. kiss someone i love on new years

4. get really drunk on new years

5. kiss underwater

6. go zip lining

7. play beer pong

8. bake a rainbow cake

9. dye my hair red

10. have love like allie and noah

ok so 2013 has come to an end, and i have to say im not that sad, it went quick and definitely had many highlights but whats done is done. i was lucky enough to cross 10 things off my bucket list and this year i hope to cross off even more. as for resolutions i dont really have anything specific, id like to write on my blog more, try and be more positive as often as i can, and try and get into really good physical shape. i know these arent very original and are very common but they are for a reason, because they are something everyone wants.

much love, and DFTBA


things worth living for

1. first dates

2. holding hands

3. mastering the parallel park


5. sleep

6. hot soup or stew on a cold night

7. homemade anything

8. waking up on Christmas morning

9. tight hugs

10. dogs and pets

11. falling in love

12. stargazing

13. laughing till your belly hurts

14. family game night

15. really good food

16. finding good books

17. finding something you’re passionate about and you love

18. waking up beside the person you love

19. family

20. when your favourite song comes on the radio

21. singing in the shower

22. fresh snow

23. getting a good mark

24. getting drunk for the first time

25. new years and new chances

26. the crunch an apple makes when you bite into it

27. the sound of a cracking camp fire

28. making the perfect smore

29. catching your first fish only to throw it back

30. swimming in the ocean

31. the feeling of someone elses skin on yours

32. new underwear or bras

33. surprises

34. change

36. the sound leaves make when you step on them

37. when the icecream is easy to scoop

38. receiving your favourite candy

39. learning how to “properly” dance

40. late night snacks

50. eating your favourite meal

60. learning something new

61. understanding hard math or anything

62. having something work out just the way you wanted it too

63. loving someone else

64. making other peoples days

65. decorating your first place the way you want it to be decorated

66. acing a test or job interview or anything

67. listening to the sound of someones heartbeat

68. road trips

69. clean sheets

70. the warm sun on your skin

71. seeing babies laugh or smiling

72. breakfast in bed

73. waking up to the sun

74. memories

75. checking something off your bucket list

76. anniversaries

77. straight white teeth

78. eskimo kisses

79. saving up and finally having enough for something you really want

80. being independent

81. wearing your new outfit right after you bought it

82. family dinners

83. train rides

84. decorating  christmas trees

85. fresh water

86. amazing views

87. making snow angels

88. making new friends

89. the good kinds of cries

90.when the person you like, likes you back

91. when you receive valentines

92. the first time someone buys you flowers

93. talking with people who understand you

94. seeming someone you haven’t seen in a long time, and nothings changed

95. seeing your favourite band in concert and they’re just as good live

96. people who have been together forever

97. being acknowledged for something you’re good at


99. taking risks

100. having fun



singin forever young, singin songs underneath that sun

you know what i love about blogs?


blogs make you feel like you can write (almost) anything you want without feeling judged. plus for the most part you can chose who sees your blog, i mean if you follow other people you know blogs they’ll know you’re here but you don’t have to tell people about your blog. if nobody knows its here nobody you know will read it. this is a somewhat nice feeling because you can express yourself and get everything out without telling close friends and having them judge you or offer their opinion when really all you needed was someone to listen. that’s really what having a blog feels like, having someone who just listens.

in other news there are 16 days until christmas and i am beyond excited!

christmas is my favourite holiday. i just love it so much because people get so into it and it makes me soooo happy to see people showing so much spirit, dont get me wrong if you celebrate hanukkah? you rock that menorah just show your spirit in your own way, ramadan? have at er man i could not, not eat for like a month, diwali? you preach your creativity and make those gorgeous rangolis, and if christmas is your thing then get your tree up and your stockings out and crank that christmas music, i really dont care what you celebrate its just the fact that you celebrate it and you’re so proud you want to show your holiday with everyone that i like most about this time of year.

anyways i already decided what i’m getting harrison and im sooo excited and even though it isnt about gifts, i want to completely spoil him because i think its fun and go ahead and hate i dont care, he knows im crazy about him and the gifts are just all part of the fun. although christmas does seem so hard now that everyone i have to buy for is grown up because seriously what do these people even want??? however ill do my best and its the thought that counts

another thing that makes me appreciate this time even more is my grade twos. i currently do a co-op placement in a grade two classroom all morning and the kids are just so flippin excited its awesome. its so fun to see them get all excited about the holidays, and even cooler is i have all kinds of kids in my class. i have one that celebrates eed, two that celebrate chinese new year, and lots who have all kinds of great traditions. right now my grade twos are learning about christmas, chinese new year, hanukkah, ramadan, diwali, st.nicholas day, st.lucia day, and kwanzaa. it’s really neat to hear about other types of holidays people celebrate and i’m glad they’re getting to experience so much culture so long. there was one day i was at co-op and it was someones birthday, and my kids sang in english, cantonese or mandarin im not sure, and french and they’re only 7/8 which i thought was really neat.

i also bought holiday rice krispies the other day just because i think they’re fun, and i even decided to make rice krispy squares out of them and it was so fun.

anyways im done rambling on for today,

much love, and DFTBA

talk about contradiction

first of all sorry for not posting in forever, but guess who rejoined the rugby team? this girl. guess who played two games and broke her collarbone and was a sling that immobilized her whole right arm for the last six weeks and couldnt write or type? oh thats right also this girl.

anyways tonight i went with my mother (whos a teacher) to see a guest speaker that came to school named michael eisen. basically in simple terms he came to talk about strategies to use with yourself that can help you help youth, obviously based on that he focused more on adults than adolescents but none the less he comes off with interesting points.

i did highly enjoy his presentation, he had a natural stage presence and kept everyone interested and involved. basically he told us that you have to understand and come to terms with the fact that no one is ever going to understand YOU the way YOU understand YOU. i mean sure everyone can try and they can listen to you and know everything about you, but your perspective is never going to be 100% the same thing. another thing he mentioned is that most problems are caused by low self esteem somewhere back down the line. i also enjoyed this perspective because he brings to life the idea that in order for you to help other people with anything you need to help yourself (including with self esteem). think about this: you just had the worst day ever and you come home and someone asks you for one little thing, hey can i get a ride to soccer? your first immediate response was probably no, because how are you supposed to help it youre just not in the mood right, you had a bad day and youre just on edge and you just dont feel like it. now think about this you have the best day ever, everything seems to be going your way you wake up and have enough time to sit and enjoy breakfast, while still having time to make yourself look great, you walk outside into the cold and the bus is just down the street and you dont even have to wait, you get to school and you have a work period to complete all your assignments and you actually get a lot done, you have a great lunch full of laughter and smiles with all your friends, and you coincidentally find four dollars on the ground, you go to math and you get a 95 on that test you worked really hard for, and someone comes up to you and asks for a small favour like hey can i get a ride home? what are you going to say now, because i bet its yes because youre in a good mood, and the reason youre probably in a good mood is because youre feeling good about yourself. you feel good that you got the good mark, and got so much done, and look good while doing it but the truth is thats only temporary “happiness” its going to wear off maybe in ten minutes, maybe in two hours but eventually. his “philosophy” i guess youd say is that you have to look to yourself for boosting your self esteem and not anyone else. he says that everyday you have to take time to yourself to ‘fill your own cup’ in order to help other people. which i also agree with i mean the honest truth is even when you had a bad day and your kid asks you to take them to soccer youre going to say yes even if you dont want to and this makes doing something kind for someone more of a chore than a pleasure, however when youre feeling good about yourself you dont mind doing it and you feel good about it. he says to do the 7 day you challenge, this involves waking up everyday and writing down three things you love about yourself, 3 different things everyday no repeats, and by a week you will have 21 things you love about yourself, and he also says that you should say them to yourself in the mirror, will i actually do this challenge? no maybe not but it definitely makes me understand that to have a good day you have to wake up with a good mentality, the reason you had such a good day (time for breakfast and getting ready etc) was because you started off good and that put you in a positive head space which made your day that much better.

am i going to use this as my life philosophy? no probably not, but will i add ideas and concepts of it to my life philosophy? ya maybe.

the only thing i didnt like was this, he talks about how people always grow up with the mentality of wanting to be right, which is true. when you were in second grade and you got all ten spellings words right you got a sticker, and the kids who didnt get them all didnt get a sticker. this definitely gives you the idea that to be good enough and worthy of a sticker you have to always be right, i follow him there. however he talks a lot about how you have to give up the want to be right and understand that you all have different opinions and perspectives, i still follow and agree. BUT when i do think about it i think about the fact he is going around telling people HIS strategies about how to be happy and help others, and the truth is if he goes around talking about them he obviously believes people should try and possibly follow them but that is just his strategies so is that not him believing he is right a little too?

the honest truth is i dont know if you can ever give up wanting to be right but i definitely understand where he was coming from and it did give me a lot to think about however life is crazy and always changing you cant always just follow one idea.

“if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”


much love, and DFTBA

country roads take me home, to the place i belong

yet another apology… sorry i have posted in ions.

i’ve been super busy since school started and haven’t felt like writing much. however i am going to try and write once a week from now on if i can.

my life lately….

grade 11 kind of sucks. everyone i know whos done it or is in it says its the worst one yet and i’d have to agree. the teachers are hard, the homework is hard, the work is hard, and its stressful because some universities might look at your grade 11 marks. i know in grade 12 they look at your marks, but i feel like grade 12 is better because at least its like ok time is going fast im almost done and out of here. grade 11 is seriously making me depressed, i hate school. i switched my classes about twenty times but i think i’ve finally got it right. i even quit the school rugby team because i just hated school so much and i didnt want to have to be there any longer than i had to be. now that i have switched my classes i am thinking about returning to the rugby team but im not sure yet. other news….. my classes are co-op, parenting, and math now which sounds pretty easy (and it is) i have my co-op at a school and i start tomorrow which is very very exciting.

i celebrated my six months with none other than my amazing boyfriend harrison which was very great and i am just as in love with him as i was when we first met.

i was having huge doubts that his parents didnt like me as much as they used to, but today was a pretty good day. i was left with him mom alone and it was very quiet at first, but then i started helping her mark and things seemed to fall back into place. i just hope im not getting on their nerves or theyre not getting tired of me. they say they arent but you never know!

anyways i dont have much to say and i have a lot of math to do so ill write as soon as i can!

im also following suit of a fellow blogger (she writes about being a first year student at glendon university in toronto) but she writes dftba at the end of her posts which is from vlog brothers but i thought it was cute and nice. if you’re wondering what it means, it means don’t forget to be awesome!

much love, and DFTBA!


this has been one of the greatest experiences so far.

1. i’m with my boyfriend all the time for three straight weeks, yes its a little crazy to be with someone 24 hours a day for like 21 days. however to me this is a true test, if he can put up with me each hour of everyday and still want to see me he must be something pretty great.

2. i get to see somewhere i’ve never been and experience all kinds of new things.

3. i get to meet his entire family which is amazing. they are ridiculously welcoming and friendly. the very first place we went to was his nanny and papa’s and when we arrived his aunt and cousin we’re standing in the door just waiting to meet me, and giving him thumbs up when i turned my back, so cheezy but completely adorable.

4. i got to wake up to him for like a week. when we first got here we had to camp and he stayed in my tent. i got to wake up to the boy i love everyday how much better could it get?

5. we just celebrated his five months by having kfc with his family and watching a movie all together, dinner and a show as he said which was awesome:)

6. family movie nights, they watch movies together every night which is totally rad.

7.  campfires. we were camping and the people next to us were university students and some of them were jamaican not being against their race or stereotyping. they brought their bongos and were absolutely amazing, while one girl played her guitar and they sang all kinds of music it was like something out of a movie.

8. swimming in the ocean. enough said.

9. i am going to a city and colour concert next week??? so f ya that totally rocks, i got him tickets as a surprise

10. finally not being a guest. this trip has made me feel much more accepted by his mom. its not that i thought she didnt like me before, but now i can offer to help and she lets me do some jobs and stuff. when we arrived i got a hug from her which is huge to me, and she hugged me the other day when they went out for their anniversary which was really kind and caring. i finally feel like i can be myself around them and not be “so” judged. i can sing in the car now 😉